About Dave

Dave’s Above Ground Pools, LLC has been installing and repairing above-ground pools and helping families enjoy their own backyard vacations North of Boston and in Southern New Hampshire since the late ’90s.  What began as summer jobs 30+ years ago, Dave enjoyed the business so much;  Dave’s Above Ground Pools, LLC took off.  All of Dave’s business has been Referral Based, and Customer Service is his #1 Priority!

With so many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, Dave can help you decide which pool will fit your yard and your family budget.  Whether it’s diagnosing and repairing a minor problem, fixing a disaster with the pool you already own, or helping you choose among the many above-ground swimming pool options out there, Dave is the expert to call for Free Estimates and Fast Service. We know – you can’t wait to jump in the water – although Dave can’t predict the weather, he can make sure your pool is ready!

Dave's Above Ground Pools